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ISSUE & FIX: Google Docs & other sites go blank – unable to use them

I ran into this issue with my Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6 & Chrome 59.0.3071.109 (current at the time of this writing).

When I went to start a new GSHEET (google docs spreadsheet), I was met with this uneditable page:

…. because I wanted to keep track of parts and pricing while I’m researching styles of work benches to build on Pinterest, I get:



So, I disabled all of my extensions & that didn’t work.

Incognito mode DID allow all pages to be rendered correctly, but I can’t work out of that mode, so I dug further & found this in Chrome Settings:

Click on Advanced:

Scroll down &fine “Use hardware acceleration…” option and slide it to “off” – which is a gray color.

Click: “RELAUNCH” to restart the browser.


And now it all works!





HOWTO: Run Chrome in Incognito Mode on the Mac, with its own shortcut

Step 1, install Chrome.

Step 2 and the rest of them:

Open up your “Applescript Editor” App.

–> NOTE ** You can search for it by hitting command+space on the keyboard (aka, opening up spotlight) and typing: applescript editor ** <–

When it opens, select the: New Document button & paste in:

tell application "Google Chrome"
  close windows
  make new window with properties {mode:"incognito"}
end tell

Then click:  File/Export.

Change the File Format from “Script” to “Application”

Name the application, select the “Applications” Location on your system & run it.