Copy / Paste issues with Synergy?

Regardless of it’s cross OSes, or Windows to Windows … you may run into issues copying & pasting in either Server -> Client … or Client -> Server direction.

If you opened up the Server Log window, you may have noticed disconnects … but you don’t lose synergy connectivity (the lightning bolt stays attached).

If you’re running a server on Linux or Mac, then you can skip the next step – which talks about Windows config.

Grab WinSSHD from Bitvise ( & install it on the server. Ensure you allow port forwarding.

Once it’s running, on the CLIENT Side, use SecureCRT (or puTTy) & configure port forwarding to the newly installed Windows SSH Server.

Port forwarding with SecureCRT:

Once configured – on the CLIENT, login & fire up Synergy.

Enter ‘localhost’ for the hostname:

The established SSH connection will be the transport for port 24800 from the Client to the Server.

If using Mac or Linux, use command-line SSH to setup the port forwarding. Again, the Server must be configured to allow port forwarding:
# ssh -L 24800:localhost:24800 user@ssh_server

If setup properly, you’ll get your lightning bolt & all will be well. Since using this setup, I have not had a single issue copying/pasting between my two windows machines.


This started failing about 8 hours later & hasn’t worked since — even going back to older releases & up to the latest Betas.

It’s GOTTA be the x64 OS —