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AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S III – Hey, where’d my battery go?

I went a day+ without charging my iPhone 4 and I get almost a day with my Galaxy S III – I almost returned it.

Come to find out, I was taking advantage of a lot of cool, battery intensive functionality of the S III, and feeling it when it came to battery life.

Here’s what I’ve done to maximize the battery life on my S III:
– Limit the accounts that get sync’d (just my gmail & business mail – no linkedin, yahoo etc)
– Use Advanced Task Killer – added my favorite apps (Talk, Google Voice, Twitter) to the Ignore List & set the Auto Kill Level to Aggressive & every 30 minutes.
– Use the Power Savings setting
– Turned off Haptic
– Bluetooth / WiFi only ‘on’ if necessary
– Use less intensive security settings:
— No facial recognition
— No swipe to unlock
— Use PIN
— Power button does not lock
— Lock 2 minutes after sleep (this saves you from sleeping & realizing that you have to look at something, which causes you to have to unlock again)

I’m really diggin’ the phone now — looks to be a keeper.